What Are The Best Sew In Hair Extensions Brands?

Sew-in hair extensions also known as weave or braided extensions are one of the well-known traditional hair extensions.

The natural hair is braided horizontally to create a base and secure this type of extension to the scalp. The braiding process is done from ear to ear before sewing the hair weft into the braids. If you have thick and coarse hair, you will find a sew-in extension is a perfect choice. It is always advisable to check what are the best sew in hair extensions brands available today before making any purchase decision.

Excellent choice to add length and volume to your hair

It is hard to find a better extension method to add length and volume to your natural hair. You can transform your look effectively and realistically with the help of a sew-in hair extension style. There is nothing complex about this hair installation method. With minimal upkeep, a sew-in weave changes the texture, length, volume, and hair color.

The installation process can be done between two and five hours. You don’t need to tape anything or worry about using heat or glue while opting for the sew-ins method. The normal washing and conditioning routine can be continued after applying this type of weave.

What are the best sew in hair extensions brands?


  • Bellami Hair Extensions – Bellami is a highly trusted brand that offers natural, as well as, synthetic hair extensions. The exceptional quality of the sew-ins offered by this company easily meets your unique needs. The Bellami extensions naturally blend with your own hair and can be flat ironed, blow-dried, curled, or washed easily. High longevity is another benefit that can be associated with this brand.
  • Glam Seamless – Many celebrities rely on Glam Seamless to add length and volume to their natural hair. This brand is highly renowned for its hair extensions with impeccable quality and inimitable style. You can find high-quality hair for every budget.
  • Just Extensions – Just Extensions offer a broad range of hair extension textures and colors for different hair extension applications. You can add color, volume, or length using perfectly designed braided sew-ins. You can find the products of this company highly innovative and reliable as well.
  • Great Lengths – Great Lengths is a well-reputed brand that can boast of many path-breaking innovations in this field. You can find premium quality hair extensions that are gently processed and expertly blended.
  • Kinkistry – If you want to buy the best quality and long-lasting sew in hair extensions, you can depend on Kinkistry. This brand offers 100% virgin hair extensions that suit your hair type and texture at an affordable price.
You can find the top hair extensions over at my favorite online hair supply store!   This company are experts when it comes to hair weaves, extensions and more. When you have questions they’ll have the right answers. That’s a huge bonus to ordering directly from the supplier who specializes in this niche and not a third party outlet that has millions of items but no expertise in this niche.

When should you prefer synthetic sew in hair extensions over natural sew in hair extensions?

If your hair often gets exposed to rain or humidity, you can choose the synthetic version instead of extensions made using real human hair. The style of synthetic hair extensions is preset. They don’t fall in the rain or humidity. You don’t need to worry about any excess frizzing while using synthetic hair extensions.

Many people look for an affordable hair extension option nowadays. If you are one of them, you can choose synthetic sew-in hair extensions. Top-quality synthetic products blend perfectly with your natural hair to transform your look. They create a virtually undetectable appearance and make you look stylish.

The synthetic sew-in hair extensions stand taller in terms of easy maintenance. They don’t hold oil the way human hair extensions do. Thus you don’t wash them as often, which in turn results in higher longevity.


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Why sew in hair extensions are a great option for creating great hairstyles?

Generally speaking, the sew-in extension method lasts up to 12 weeks. This reason makes it a highly favored choice for women who would like to grow out their hair or want to avoid frequent heat styling. Compared to permanent installation methods, it is a more affordable choice. You can buy or get sew in extensions installed at a pocket-friendly price.

Are sew in hair extensions a perfect fit for all types of hair?

The sew-in hairstyle extensions are for all types of women’s hair textures, black, white, and more. No matter whether you have long, curly, thick, or coarse hair; you can choose this method to add length and volume.

If you are searching for a cute, effective, flexible, and affordable hair extension method, you can rely on sew-in hair extensions. When it comes to buying an extension, you need to choose a trusted brand to enjoy excellent results..


If you are looking to get some hair extensions and want a choice of the top brands please visit my favorite online hair supply store and you’ll get a great selection of hair and styles, great quality, fast shipping and outstanding customer service all the way through the process.


Best sew in hair extensions for white girls?

White girls’ hairs are silkier and thinner in texture. So, sometimes it gets quite tricky to get it done perfectly. This guide may help the white girls in finding the best extensions method for them. Peruvian hair is sought after quite a bit because of its multi-purpose texture that is used frequently by both black and white women.

Malaysian hair is very soft which is a typical characteristic of the white hair. It works perfectly with those who have fine hair or silky type which make it perfect for white women.

Indian hair extensions is richly textured yet it blends naturally with the Caucasian hair texture. This Asian hair type is soft and straight which are real characteristic of the Caucasian hair. These are two of the most popular choices for white girls to use for hair extensions and weaves.

Best sew in hair extensions for black, Afro hair?

Black girls with their thick rich hair have a wider variety of weave and extension options. Starting with the thick rich hair from Brazil. A very popular style is the Brazilian wet wave, which is a curly, fresh out of the pool looking hairstyle.

Peruvian hair, as mentioned above, can require less bundle it blends well with most hair textures. It is a little thicker and coarser type of weave and is slightly wavy.

Human Indiana virgin hair is considered thick, bouncy and light weight. It is dense so it is an good and easy match for the texture of black women’s hair. Because its thicker and coarser hair then.

Still, no matter if you are wanting weave for fine straight hair for Caucasians or the thicker more curly hair of black women, you have to compare your natural hair as you will be surprised as to how many more hair textures can work for your particular hair texture. There are many ways to attach hair extensions and weaves, the following are some of the most popular methods:

  • Clip in hair extension: It’s simply hair extensions that you use clips to attach them to your natural hair.
  • Tape-In Hair Extensions: These hair extension for white girls are pre-taped and then they are taped or glued with your own hair. You will normally have this tape in hair extension applied by a hairdresser because this type of hair extension needs to be glued on the roots as well as applied with a heated tool which can heat up the glue.
  • Sew-In Hair Extensions: With this method, the hair extensions are woven onto the braids of your natural hair, which has been braided into a cornrow first.
  • Fusion & Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions: Fusion hair extensions (also called bonding or pre-ponded) are bonded to natural hair using different adhesives such as glue. 

How much do hair extensions cost?

The price depends on the type of hair you purchase and where in the world it is from. A synthetic can be less than $50 to get a full head of new hair weave. There are more expensive synthetic brands that are very close to real hair that you can also try.

On the other hand virgin hair option should cost from between $400 to $1000 based on the quality and texture you want. Untreated virgin hair is considered the highest quality of hair. However, there is a difference in texture, shine and thickness that you must take into account. All of these factor into the cost of virgin hair.

The bottom line is when it comes to hair weave and extensions you can either choose the inexpensive synthetic extensions that are great for styling your hair for special occasions or weekend outing. While the more expensive virgin hair should be used for long term hairstyles because when cared for properly they can last 3 to 6 months with very little up keep.

This is because you can wash and dry and curl this higher grade hair over and over again to create several different styles. Expect about 4 to 5 weeks between touch ups which is a huge advantage and time saver when it comes to maintaining your hair.


If you are looking to get some of these extensions and want a choice of the top brands please visit my favorite online hair supply store and you’ll get a great selection of hair and styles, great quality, fast shipping and outstanding customer service all the way through the process.


Clip-In, Curtain, Invisible Strand, or Keratin Hair Extensions – What Should You Pay Attention To?

Natural hair extensions can be applied through different methods. Next, we will detail the most common and used placement modes, so you can compare them to each other and choose the one that is most appropriate for you.

Clip-in natural hair extensions. As the name implies, these extensions are applied by means of clips or bobby pins attached to the back of the lock or hair curtain. They are placed very easily and quickly, but you must remove them and put them on daily, which can be somewhat tedious.

Natural curtain hair extensions. This application system, which is one of the most used, is a curtain of cooked hair on top, which is sewn to the hair using a very fine fabric. They are very versatile, but they are more noticeable than the other methods.

Invisible thread hair extensions. These extensions are like a hairpiece that allows you to increase the length or volume of your hair. They are very easy to put on, like a headband, and intermingle with your own hair for a more natural look.

Keratin natural hair extensions. In this system separate strands of hair are used that have a U-shaped keratin tab, which is fixed with heat to our own hair, about 2 cm from the root. The result is very natural, but the extensions should always be applied by a professional.

Con clip Cortina Hilo invisible Keratina
Temporales o permanentes Temporales Permanentes Temporales Permanentes
Duración Indefinida, hay que sacárselas y ponérselas a diario 2 a 3 meses, dependiendo del crecimiento de nuestro cabello Son duraderas, hay que sacárselas y ponérselas diariamente 2 a 3 meses, dependiendo del crecimiento de nuestro cabello
Sistema de adhesión Clips, Horquillas Hilos muy finos que se cosen al cabello Hilos con forma de diadema Keratina que se fija con calor al cabello
Cuánto dura la aplicación Poco tiempo Prolongado Poco tiempo Prolongado


Beginner Lesson In Human Hair Extension and Braiding Hair – Video Training 


Hello: everyone. This is Breanna Rutter, author of one of my most popular books, The Natural Hair Bible and founder of This video is going to be answering an email question that Vanessa sent me Vanessa emailed me saying that she’s having a hard time choosing between different types of extensions and weaves, because she’s not sure what is actually appropriate to achieve a certain type of look or style.

So what I am going to do is give you some guidelines and some tips and suggestions that will help you to figure out what weave or extension is best under specific circumstances. So, first off, if you are new to wearing weaves or you want to learn how to actually do different sewing techniques or learn how to just sew in a weave.

I suggest that you first began working with human hair. Now human hair weave is usually the cheapest weave that you can find online and in your beauty supply store. The thing is that this weave is of a lower quality than different types of extensions, which makes it more affordable and also it gives you the option to experiment with coloring cutting and styling without sacrificing virgin hair that costs a lot of money.

Now I can’t give you a price range, because this hair is different, it may be very cheap or even it may be very expensive, but usually you should not pay any more than it would cost for the top-quality hair extensions in order to begin experimenting using this kind of hair. So I suggest human hair weave when you are learning how to do sew ins or you’re just brand-new to extension. You want to see how it is to work with your hair before you actually take a bigger plunge.

Now. The second thing that I am going to suggest is that if you’re doing braids or twists you have to use braiding hair. Now some people call this hair extension hair. Some people call it weave hair, but it is just called braiding hair. Just to stop any confusion that some individuals may have when referring to this kind of hair, it is also called bulk hair because it’s not attached to a weft.

A weft is this thin piece of material that the hair hangs from that is required to actually sew around when you’re sewing extensions. So the more you get into the world of extensions and weaves, you will understand the different terminology and terms.  If not be sure, to refer to my website if you want to learn more about them now as far as braids and twist, if you are wearing Style is like this

Here, I’m wearing crochet Senegalese is what I uses regular braiding hair in order to install my extensions. Now there are so many different kinds of braiding hair that you can use – and everyone has a preference and it also depends on the look that going for as well as the texture and shine of their hair.

For my hair, it is best that I use Kanekalon braiding hair. For someone who has more silky her hair, more shinier hair it is better that they used Toyokalon braiding hair. For other girls, it may be better that they use Xpressions braiding hair, which is a little bit more stiff and more bouncy, and also has more body.

Now for some, who have fine hair, using Xpressions hair may not be the best bet as it oftentimes it can feel heavy for some people. If you have fine hair, I rather suggest that you use Kanekalon braiding hair, because it’s more light in weight to help you to extend the wear of your braids and twists.

So the first thing was to use human hair extensions or human hair weave, which is the cheapest way to learn how to start experimenting with coloring and cutting and also with just experimenting, if you’re new to weaves. Then, the second thing is: when you are doing braids and twists, you got to make sure that you are using braiding hair and it will depend on your texture and the shine of your hair or even the look you’re going for now.

The very last tip that I want to suggest is that, when you’re seeking hair extensions of the top-quality that’s going to withstand years of wear, depending on who you’re getting them from or the way that they were manufactured in different things like that is virgin hair extensions.

Virgin hair extensions are extensions that usually last the longest.  The best way to tell if they are the true thing and they will withstand the test of time is to just wear them. You have to see if they will stand up for longer than a couple of months and even make it to the year mark.

So you have a good pair of extensions on your hands and extensions of that quality usually cost a lot of money. Some people have to buy just a couple of bundles of virgin extensions to put into their head and they can cost anywhere from $1000 or more. So this just depends on your taste and also depends on the budget you’re willing to go for and the quality you’re willing to pay for.

So I hope that all this advice will help you to understand what extensions are best for certain situations and how to go about choosing certain weaves and braiding hair that you want when trying to do different looks continue to learn more about these different things. So that way, you can always make the best choices and not spend more money.

So thanks Vanessa, for your email and also thank you for watching me.  I will see all of you in my very next video.


How To Apply Weave In Hair Extensions.



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